Sony RCP-1500 camera channel remote control panelSony RCP-1500 camera channel remote control panel


Kit includes:
Sony RCP-1500 remote control panel
Sony CCA-5 RCP cable
Flight case

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The industry-standard remote control panel, the Sony RCP-1500 is compatible with all HDC series HD and 4K camera channels.

Simple to use, familiar to camera operators

The RCP-1500 is designed for simplicity of operation. Its controls are laid out logically according to function and frequency of use.

Guard frames prevent integral control switches from being inadvertently pressed, while a joystick is included for iris and master black adjustment.

The RCP-1500 will be instantly familiar to operators. Its assignable switch and customisable favourites menu allow increased flexibility and ease-of-use. And thanks to its ethernet connection capability, you can connect a LAN cable to create a multi-camera control system.

The Sony RCP-1500 is included as standard with all our Sony full camera channels, including the HDC-4300, HDC-3300, HDC-2500 and HDC-1500.