Kit includes:
USB keyboard
USB mouse
2x 2TB removable drives
DVI-VGA adapter
Display Port to DVI adapter
2x IEC leads
Flight case

The EVS XFile3 is a live file archive and transfer platform which allows you to move and share your EVS files at high speed when it matters most – during a live production.

It is an essential support to the XT3 and XT4K production servers.

Streaming and live archiving made simple

Using one easy-to-use interface, users can back-up, stream and restore content in any format and from a number of sources. Live content can be easily archived and restored as needed, including any necessary transcoding – for instance between 4K, HD and SD formats, or from codec to codec. This provides the user with greater flexibility when using and storing their content.

And live archiving during production saves you valuable time at the end of the production, making for a quick getaway.