Kit includes:
Fujinon UA107x6.5BE lens
Fujinon ray shade and hood cap
Fujinon rear cap (B4 mount)
Fujinon ESB-6B-12A Focus Shot Box
Fujinon ESL-1C Focus Shot Box cable
Fujinon ESZ-11 Focus/Zoom Cable
Fujinon Protection Filters
Flight case

The Fujinon UA107 4K lens boasts the longest focal length of any 4K broadcast lens currently on the market.

Coupled with very wide angle shot capabilities, the UA107 is a highly flexible box lens for sports and live events production.

The arrival of the Fujinon UA107  complements our range of Fujinon UHD lenses, which have proved popular on a range of sports productions, including the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and UEFA Chanpions’ League final. These include UA14 and UA22 4K ENG lenses and UA80 and UA27 4K box lenses.

And it augments our extensive 4K broadcast hire fleet. This includes over 120 UHD lenses and the largest fleet of Sony HDC-4300 4K camera channels in Europe. We’ve made a huge commitment to helping our clients make the move to UHD broadcast by aiming to become the leading provider of 4K broadcast hire equipment.

Fujinon UA107: a perfect partner to the Sony HDC-4300

With its outstanding imaging capability and focal range of 8.4-1,800mm (using the built-in 2x extender), the Fujinon UA107 is a perfect long lens to pair with the Sony HDC-4300 or the Grass Valley LDX 86N.

Technology designed to make your 4K broadcast simple

The Fujinon UA107 features a number of technological enhancements that help it deliver incredible 4K images. The lens is able to minimise image distortion thanks to its multi-group zoom system. It includes a proprietary anti-fogging design so that you can be confident that moisture will have minimal impact on your outdoor broadcast.

And you can rely on it delivering steady shots even on long-distance shots, thanks to Fujinon’s OS-TECH image stabilization technology.

The UA107 utilises Fujinon’s High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC), boosting the lens’ blue response and transmittance and delivering richer colours. Combined with FUJIFILM’s exclusive Aspheric Technology, this coating also helps to improve light transmission and reduces lens flare and ghosting.

All these technological features add up to deliver high resolution, high contrast, high dynamic range 4K images.

Familiarity for Fujinon lens operators

For users of the Fujinon UA80 or HD XA99, the Fujinon UA107 will seem very familiar. It is equipped with the same digital features as its sister lenses, including two-shot presets, Quick Zoom and F number limit.