Canon UJ90 UHD DIGISUPER 90 4K lensCanon UJ90 UHD DIGISUPER 90 4K lens


Kit includes:
Canon UJ90x9B lens
Canon hood cap
Canon rear cap (B4 mount)
Canon ZSD-300D zoom demand
Canon FPD-400D focus demand
2x control cables
Canon lens supporter
Wedge plate
Flight case

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When it comes to 4K broadcast, the Canon UJ90 is the king of versatility.

Its 90x zoom and 9-1620mm focal length when using the 2x extender is adaptable to just about any shot you need from a single 4K lens, especially when covering football stadiums and other sports arenas.

Perfect 4K images at maximum zoom

Canon’s cutting-edge image stabilisation technology means you can be confident of a consistent, shake-free 4K image even at maximum zoom. The UJ90 also delivers consistent high contrast, high resolution, bleed-free images with uniform colour reproduction right to the edge of the image.

Compatible with virtual systems

The UJ90 will fit into your virtual system for sports production and live events, using a 16-bit high-resolution, as well as serial communication, to deliver positional information to a wide range of virtual interfaces.

Full gamut of UHD live production supported by Canon 4K lens range

The UJ90 slots into the expanding Canon 4K lens range, which also includes the UJ27 and UJ86 box lenses, and CJ12 and CJ20 4K ENG lenses, giving you reliable, 4K live production without compromise in any scenario.