Canon CJ45 ex9.7B 4K LensCanon CJ45 ex9.7B 4K Lens


Kit includes

Canon CJ45EX9.7B lens
Canon ray shade and cap
Canon rear cap (B4 mount)
Canon ZSD-300D zoom demand
Canon FPD-400D focus demand
Flight case

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The Canon CJ45 ex9.7B is an ultra-high zoom 4K lens offering best in class zoom range. It’s ultra-high 45x zoom ratio gives you a focal range of 9.7mm to 437mm (up to 874mm using the lens’ built-in 2x extender).

Canon CJ45 – A perfect commuting lens

The portability and wide focal range of the CJ45 offer you maximum flexibility of use. Paired with the Sony HDC-4300 or  the Grass Valley LDX 86N, the impressive zoom capabilities of the Canon CJ45 allow you to capture a wide array of shots without the need for a heavy box lens.

This makes it a perfect ‘commuting’ lens, and ideal for golf and a wide range of live sports production applications. The CJ45 would also slot perfectly into EFP broadcast applications like wildlife/nature, live events, documentaries, and helicopter/aerial shooting.

Expanded focal range, enhanced zoom and iris speeds, superior optics

The release of the CJ45 sees Canon complete the upgrade of its highly popular HD lens line-up to UHD. A direct replacement for the workhorse HJ40, it adds a series of enhancements to its HD predecessor. As well as Canon’s supreme 4K optics, the lens offers a wider and longer focal range than the HJ40. It also boasts increased zoom and iris speeds.

Canon has utilised fluorite and UD glass in the construction of the lens. This helps to minimise chromatic aberration and ensures you reliably capture vibrant, precise images.

CJ45 arrival another first for ES Broadcast Hire

ES Broadcast Hire took delivery of the first Canon CJ45 lenses in Europe in May 2018, underlining its pioneering commitment to supporting 4K live production. The addition of a fleet of CJ45s took the company’s inventory of UHD lenses to almost 170, spanning the full range of Canon and Fujinon lenses required for 4K live production.

As such, ES Broadcast Hire is the first hire company in Europe able to offer you a line-up of Canon 4K glass spanning the complete range you need for UHD live productions – including CJ12, CJ20, CJ45, UJ27, UJ86 and UJ90 lenses.