Canon CJ20 ex7.8B 4K Lens for ENG and SportsCanon CJ20 ex7.8B 4K Lens for ENG and Sports


Kit includes:
Canon CJ20x7.8B lens
Canon ray shade and cap
Canon rear cap (B4 mount)
Canon ZSD-300D zoom demand
Canon FPD-400D focus demand
UV or clear filter
Flight case

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Flawless 4K imaging coupled with a 20x zoom ratio and focal range of 7.8mm to 156mm make the Canon CJ20 an indispensable tool for your 4K broadcast.

Perfect for 4K sports and ENG

Weighing in at a highly portable 2.2kg, the Canon CJ20 is an ideal lens for 4K ENG and live sports broadcast when used with the Sony HDC-4300. Paired with the Sony HDC-P43 for 4K fixed position filming, the CJ20’s extensive focal range really comes to the fore.

Consistently high-quality 4K images

Canon’s optical technology means the CJ20 maintains 4K optical performance right to the periphery of the image. And even with the 2x extender engaged to enable telephoto shots of up to 312mm, the lens is able to deliver ultra-high definition shots.

An ideal teammate for the CJ12

The Canon CJ20 is a perfect telephoto partner to the wide-angle CJ12. Used in tandem, these two Canon 4K ENG lenses look set to pick up the baton from their HD counterparts, the HJ14 and HJ22. And operators will find both 4K lenses familiar. They are equipped with a 0.5-second zoom time like their HD equivalents. And they are fully compatible with existing zoom and focus demands, which come in our hire kit.

The popularity of both these Canon 4K lenses will only increase as more sports productions move into the 4K sphere.