Tektronix WFM-8300Tektronix WFM-8300


Tektronix WFM-8300 comes as standard with HD/SD-SDI or Dual Link video monitoring.

The Tektronix WFM-8300 Series waveform monitor is the go-to tool for mobile and studio production, post production, and facility operations. It is as valuable in camera setup, as it is for colour grading and correction, and overall quality control of content generated in HD or 4K/UHD with HDR.

Users can easily upgrade WFM-8300 to monitor 3G-SDI, composite analogue video and 4K/UHD video.

Tektronix WFM-8300 also comes standard with Simultaneous Input Monitoring capability. ANC Data Inspector, and numerical/graphical display of A/V delay for analogue, digital audio (Option AD), and Dolby (Option DPE)

Optional audio upgrades include support for analogue, digital AES/EBU, digital embedded, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E formats. The 8000 Series waveform monitor and rasterizer offers optional physical layer analysis with eye pattern and jitter measurement.

WFM-8300 is an excellent solution for protecting your investment in multi-format environments thanks to flexible combinations of options and field upgrades.

Optionally we can offer a Tektronix PRISM which is real-time IP/SDI monitoring and analysis platform designed specifically to generate objective trusted information for the production of content to satisfy growing expectations in quality and consistency.

A wide array of applications

Mobile & Studio production – For most realistic viewing experience of your live event, you should correct setup, alignment and matching of cameras.
Post Production – Every colourist or editor would appreciate well-maintained video signal thanks to easily adjusted and reliable colour fidelity.
Facility Operations – You will get trusted monitoring & analysis even while transcoding from HD to 4K or SDR to HDR.