Tektronix WFM-5200Tektronix WFM-5200


WFM5000 Series Waveform Monitor

WFM-5200 | Standard for basic video and audio monitoring

The compact WFM-5200 Series waveform monitor offers high-quality trace displays for waveform mode and vector mode. Whether you are performing camera alignment for luma and chroma settings or matching cameras in a multi-camera production, the 5200 series helps you quickly, easily, and precisely perform these camera setups before the shoot from local studio productions to global live sporting events in SD or HD.

Quality Control (QC)

WFM-5000 series offers in-depth monitoring and analysis of digital data (including ANC data). Optionally you can get audio loudness monitoring and measurements.

Optionally we can offer a Tektronix PRISM which is real-time IP/SDI monitoring and analysis platform designed specifically to generate objective trusted information for the production of content to satisfy growing expectations in quality and consistency.

Applications of use WFM-5200

Mobile & Studio Production
To create a spectacular images proper setup, alignment and matching of cameras are needed before an event.

Post Production
Easy to understand displays of the WFM5000 series provide whats needed for editors or colourists to adjust colour fidelity.