Sony HDLA-1500Sony HDLA-1500


Kit includes:
Sony HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor
Wedge plate
Flight case

The Sony HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor provides extra support and one-touch camera mounting and dismounting when using heavy box lenses.

It is designed for use with all our Sony HDC Series shoulder-mount cameras, including our large fleet of Sony HDC-4300 4K cameras.

One-touch docking mechanism makes camera mounting easy

The HDLA-1500 adaptor employs a specially designed docking mechanism. It allows you to attach and detach the camera quickly from the lens – without having to remove the lens itself. This means that you can easily swap the camera from handheld use to large lens, and vice versa. And it saves you valuable set-up time.

Hot shoe to simplify cable connections

The hot shoe mount on the Sony HDLA-1500 integrates with the inputs and outputs on the HDC Series cameras. This means that there is no need for extra cables to connect the camera to the lens adaptor. Power, video and control signals are all passed straight between the camera and the adaptor.

The lens adaptor also features an on-board monitor mount which can accommodate the Sony HDVF-EL75 monitors that come as standard with our full camera channels.