Sony HDVF-EL75 7 inch OLED viewfinderSony HDVF-EL75 7 inch OLED viewfinder


Kit includes:
Sony HDVF-EL75 7” viewfinder
Sony sports hood
VW-1 Tach 11 cable
Flight case

The Sony HDVF-EL75 is a 7 inch OLED viewfinder. It provides high contrast, wide dynamic range on-board monitoring for HD and 4K camera operators.

Essential HD/4K focus assistance with OLED screen

The Sony HDVF-EL75 viewfinder delivers sharp, detailed images, high contrast and colour levels. This makes focusing with precision easier for the camera operator – essential when filming in HD and 4K. Meanwhile, the HDVF-EL75’s built-in focus assist gives you further help in getting precision shots.

The viewfinder’s flexible position and wide viewing angle mean you can easily find the most comfortable operating set-up.

Compatible with Sony camera channels

The HDVF-EL75 is an essential part of the set-up for Sony cameras including the HDC-4300, HDC-3300, HDC-2500 and HDC-1500. As such, all our Sony full camera channels come equipped with this viewfinder.