Canon HJ22 ex7.6B IASE HD LensCanon HJ22 ex7.6B IASE HD Lens


Kit includes:
Canon HJ22x7.6B IASE Lens
Canon ray shade and cap
Canon rear cap (B4 mount)
Canon ZSD-300D zoom demand
Canon FPD-400D focus demand
UV or clear filter
Flight case

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A great partner lens to the Canon HJ14, the Canon HJ22 boasts the longest focal length of Canon’s portable HD lenses (without image stabilisation).

Focal range gives best of both worlds

With a focal length of 7.6-168mm, the HJ22 gives you the best of both worlds. It has a wide shooting angle combined with a long focal length, covering a range of shooting scenarios. And the focal length can be doubled to 336mm with the built-in 2x extender, giving you even more flexibility.

Lightweight and flexible

The Canon HJ22 is a lightweight lens, weighing less than 2kg, making it highly portable. Like its close relation, the HJ14, the HJ22 works with zoom and focus demand, which are included in the kit. And iris control allows remote operators to make key adjustments to exposure, leaving the cameraman free to concentrate on the shot.