Vinten Vector 750 pan and tilt tripod headVinten Vector 750 pan and tilt tripod head


Kit includes:
Vinten Vector 750 pan and tilt head
2x large Vinten pan bars
2x large Vinten pan bar extensions
Wedge plate
4x hex bolt
Allen Key
Flight case

With a maximum payload of Vinten Vector 750 is a heavy-duty pan and tilt tripod head which offers huge flexibility in terms of the camera and accessories you choose to mount on it.

It is an ideal head for the Vinten Quattro pedestal. Or you can combine it with the Vinten HDT-2 heavy duty tripod for field use.

Heavy duty tripod head with customisable set-up

The Vector 750 is a highly responsive down to the smallest movement. It features Vinten’s Perfect Balance and TF drag systems. These are infinitely adjustable, meaning you get exceptional control over your shots, while maintaining ultra-smooth movement. A wide gravity range span – from 8cm to 25 cm – adds to the flexibility.

And the Vector 750 is very durable too, being able to operate in extremes of temperature from -40C to +60C.

A counterbalance mechanism which uses mechanical linkages rather than springs or cams means that camera set-ups with different centres of gravity can be easily balanced. This saves the operator valuable time when switching shooting configurations.