Vinten Vector 430 pan and tilt tripod headVinten Vector 430 pan and tilt tripod head


Kit includes:
Vinten Vector 430 pan and tilt head
2x large Vinten pan bars
2x large Vinten pan bar extensions
Wedge plate
4x hex bolt
Allen Key
Flight case

The Vinten Vector 430 combines a compact, lightweight form with remarkable robustness.

Its weight capacity of 10kg to 43kg means that it straddles Vinten’s Vision and Vector ranges. So you no longer have to make a choice between the tripod head’s weight and its ability to support heavier equipment.

Perfect for barrel and compact box lenses

The Vector 430 is equally comfortable with large barrel lenses and compact box lenses. And its design retains Vinten’s Perfect Balance and smooth TF drag technology, much-loved in the Vector range.

Enhanced design features for maximum usability

The Vector 430 has a Quickfix groove in the base. This means it can be quickly mounted onto the tripod. Adding a Quickfit wedge adaptor makes it an ideal head for multi-camera shoots.

The tripod’s well thought-out ergonomic design incorporates illuminated controls and a retractable counterbalance adjuster. Portability and simple assembly further enhance the Vector 430’s enviable credentials.