Vinten 100mm bowl Pozi-Loc tripodVinten 100mm bowl Pozi-Loc tripod


Kit includes:

Vinten 100mm bowl Pozi-loc tripod
Vinten ground spreader
Allen Key
4x Hex bolt
Flight case

The Vinten 100mm Bowl Pozi-Loc Tripod is part of Vinten’s Pozi-Loc range.

This range is designed to give an unbeatable range of operating heights for ENG applications.

The two-stage, carbon fibre legs have a height range of 41.6cm to 156.2cm. And at only 2.6kg the tripod is highly portable, but also strong enough to support a 25kg load.

Cam-operated Pozi-Loc clamping system

Vinten’s innovative Pozi-Loc clamping system means you can easily lock off the legs with just a 90-degree turn. This makes using the 100m bowl Pozi-Loc tripod both simple and reliable, as you can be confident the tripod is locked. And the knobs are designed with a low profile to avoid snagging any cables.

Compatible with Vinten Vision 100 tripod head

Use the 100mm bowl Pozi-Loc tripod with a Vision 100 pan and tilt tripod head to give you a lightweight tripod set-up that is reliable and easy to control.