The top-of-the-range Sony XVS-8000 vision mixer gives you the ability to realise a powerful mixed 4K environment combining SDI and IP technology.

Operational flexibility and advanced features of XVS-8000 makes it the most advanced production switcher in Sony’s arsenal. The XVS-8000 Series inherits excellent versatile features from the widely adopted MVS Series of switchers, including enhanced frame memory, format conversion, multi-viewer capabilities, and a wide range of input and output video formats.

This IP ready live production switcher supports IP as well as conventional SDI interfaces. Users can achieve smooth migration from SDI to IP, this can be done by configuring both SDI and IP option boards in a single processor. An operator can configure all of the 160 SDI inputs and 48 SDI outputs with an IP interface.


  • 5 M/E for large 4K production systems
  • Supports Networked Media Interface (NMI)
  • 40 inputs and 12 assignable outputs for 4K
  • Up and down conversion between 4K, HD and SD
  • Enhanced frame memory system with 4K CG wipe

Our acquisition of Sony XVS-8000 4K vision mixers further expanded our 4K hire fleet – already one of the largest in Europe. With 140 HDC-4300 camera channels, as well as HDC-P43 and HDC-4800 channels, adding 4K vision mixers means we can offer a formidable line-up of UHD technology to support your production.