Sony HDLA-1505Sony HDLA-1505


Kit includes:
Sony HDLA-1505 large lens adaptor
Wedge plate
Flight case

Sony HDLA-1505 allows you to easily connect large studio/OB lenses and LCD viewfinders with your HDC-1500/3300 cameras.

A simple one-touch operation, cable-free mounting of the camera inside the adaptor HDLA-1505 allows an operator to quickly convert from hand-held to tripod configuration.

The HDLA-1505 has been specifically designed to allow HDVF-C730W viewfinder to be mounted on the rear of the camera body.

HDLA-1505 is compatible with a range of Sony camcorders including Sony HDC-1500R, HDC-2500 and HDC-3300R cameras. To complement this setup Canon XJ86x9.3, XJ95x8.6B or XJ100x9.3BIE D can be used.