Sony SRW-5500 HDCAM-SR Studio RecorderSony SRW-5500 HDCAM-SR Studio Recorder


Kit includes:
Sony SRW-5500 HDCAM-SR studio recorder
IEC lead
Flight case

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SRW-5500 the ultimate recorder for acquisition, post production and digital intermediate

The Sony SRW-5500 is a high-end HD digital recorder that employs the superior HDCAM-SR format.

This VTR also allows recording and playback of the well-proven HDCAM format.  Key features of this deck would include high-quality 1080i, 1080PsF, or 720P recording and playback, format conversions including 4:4:4 to 4:2:2, legacy playback of Digital Betacam tape formats.

The HDCAM-SR format exploits technological advances in signal processing and magnetic recording to provide functionality comparable to that of the HDCAM format, while offering HD digital recording and playback with high frame and sound quality.

The SRW-5500 only is a recorder supporting both the HDCAM-SR and HDCAM formats.


  • 1080 recording and playback at multiple frame rates: 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 50i, 59.94i in HDCAM and HDCAM-SR formats
  • 720P recording and playback (HDCAM-SR only)
  • Bit rate reduction encoder
  • ECC encoder
  • Channel coding
  • High quality MPEG-4 studio profile compression
  • Dynamic Motion Control (DMC) playback
  • Built-in tele-file read/write capability
  • Metadata handling

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