Kit includes:
Sony HDVF-EL20 monocular viewfinder with 20-pin round HDVF connector
Flight case

The Sony HDVF-EL20 is a high-quality full HD viewfinder that gives the camera operator the high definition resolution that is critical to producing accurate, sharply focused UHD images.

Compatible with our full range of Sony UHD cameras, the Sony HDVF-EL20 is a key tool in our extensive line-up of UHD broadcast equipment.

HD viewfinder for more accurate focus and shooting

The Sony HDVF-EL20 has a 0.7″ full HD OLED screen that gives outstanding image quality, with high contrast and wide dynamic range. It makes precision focussing – so important in HD and 4K shooting – much simpler and more accurate. A specially designed optical loupe also allows a high eye-point, meaning the operator can see more of the image when standing back from the eye piece.

Assignable buttons allow the operator to access key functions quickly and easily, such as switching colour mode, or focus magnification. The viewfinder also incorporates a “HIEYE” function which downscales the image size to allow longer distance viewing.

The viewfinder is compatible with cameras that have a 20-pin round HDVF connector. It is an essential option with the Sony HDC-4300, Sony HDC-4800 and Sony PXW-Z450, and also worth considering for Sony HD cameras.