Sony HDC-3300R Super Slow Motion HD Camera ChannelSony HDC-3300R Super Slow Motion HD Camera Channel


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The Sony HDC-3300R has long been the major player as far as super slow motion HD system cameras go.

It continues to be a tried and tested tool for the majority of outside broadcasters – especially for sports coverage.

The HDC-3300R ins an upgrade of the original HDC-3300, adding expanded functionality, including viewfinder detail and a focus assist indicator. Our full camera channels come with the associated CCU, the Sony HDCU-3300R. You can also hire these CCUs as standalone items.

3x high speed image capture even in low light

The HDC-3300R delivers high-quality, high-definition super slow-motion footage for broadcast. Its 3x image capture means you can deliver HD footage at one third of normal speed, giving viewers amazing detail. Even in low light the HDC-3300R can deliver great slow motion images thanks to a high-sensitivity, low noise CCD sensor.

Simultaneous high speed and normal speed shooting

The camera offers a wide range of shooting formats, including 1080 at 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60P. And it can shoot in both normal speed and high speed modes simultaneously. So you don’t need two cameras, just one HDC-3300R.

Couple the Sony HDC-3300R with one of our HD Canon lenses for a brilliant slow-motion shooting package.