With enhanced Xenios Imagers, the Grass Valley LDX 150 is GV’s flagship broadcast camera, delivering an extra two stops of dynamic range (F11@2000 lux versus F9@2000 lux on earlier sensors). ES Broadcast Hire’s addition of this ground-breaking camera to our UHD rental fleet continues our longstanding commitment to offering the very latest in cutting-edge broadcast technology to our clients.

The Grass Valley LDX-150 is an industry-leading UHD IP camera platform designed specifically for live sports production thanks to its 3x UHD, HDR high-speed capabilities. The camera has been designed and engineered with the capture of the fast-paced intensity and emotion of sport foremost in GV’s thinking. As well as wider dynamic range in HDR mode, the new Xenios imagers deliver cleaner imaging via a reduction in gain resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio, and also allow for the use of smaller lens apertures for a greater depth of field in shots.

And the camera also includes the option for using the JPEG XS format for high-quality, low-latency video compression.

The LDX 150’s native IP capabilities seek to redefine signal distribution. The camera is itself a self-contained IP endpoint with up to 100 Gb/s IP network connections for audio, video and control, directly at the camera head, without the need for a separate CCU. This allows camera sources to be distributed anywhere on the network, without any delay associated with sending signals to a separate control hub.

Grass Valley LDX 150 delivers simplified logistics with no need for camera base stations

This camera has been designed to be network-native: it is a self-contained IP endpoint with bandwidth of up to 100Gb/s to distribute IP connections for audio, video, and camera control. Thanks to this solution LDX 100 enables the distribution of camera sources whenever they are needed on the network. All of that without any delays which are inherent in sending signals to a separate control hub – since the camera doesn’t rely on a separate CCU.

True remote production integration

With no requirement for SDI interconnectivity, the Grass Valley LDX 150 delivers vast distribution flexibility for remote production workflows. Bandwidth requirements are kept in check because only the necessary signals are transmitted. And with separate teams able to have immediate discrete access to the camera sources regardless of where they are situated, collaborative workflows can be made more efficient.


  • UHD HDR images at 3X high-speed
  • Simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution
  • All-in-one camera with no separate base station required thanks to NativeIP
  • Field-replaceable SFP/QSFP
  • Software update and reconfiguration of licenses and settings (if required) in less than 7 minutes