Grass Valley LDK-8000 HD Camera ChannelGrass Valley LDK-8000 HD Camera Channel


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The LDK-8000 Multi-Format HD Camera

The Grass Valley LDK 8000 is a high definition multi-standard, multi-format digital camera head using three 2/3-inch HD-DPM+™ sensors. This camera head can be combined with the TriaxHD adapter which would allow you to use it either in the studio or out on location.

LDK 8000 uses HD-DPM+™ CCD imagers which offer exceptional performance and ultimate flexibility. Widescreen pictures in the high-definition formats 1080i and 720p are produced at the touch of a button.

The flexibility of LDK 8000 makes it a superb choice for live production where content will be used for HD DVD distribution. With its selectable frame rates up to 1080p60, updated ergonomic design, coupled with an extensive feature set and format flexibility it’s a perfect match for the demands of today’s productions.

Great choice of options

Other LDK/LDX Series cameras are available for hire, this would include LDK-8300LDX 82 or LDX 86N 4K/HD you can complement those cameras with very popular Canon HJ14, HJ40 or XJ95 lenses.

For 4K Slow Motion camera system check out Sony HDC-4300 and for Super Slow Motion HDC-4800 system along with the Canon UJ90UJ86UJ27CJ20 and CJ12. And we offer a full range of Fujinon 4K broadcast lenses, including the UA80UA22 and UA14.

ES Broadcast Hire is an approved rental partner for Tektronix, Grass Valley and Fujinon recognising our expertise in providing the cutting-edge 4K broadcast equipment that our clients need.